joi, 11 iunie 2015

Hackthefun. About. History. Team.

Hackthefun. About. History. Team.

Hackthefun, about website:

Hello everybody, today I will talk you about our cheats site, hackthefun. This website is a world full with hacks, how his name, hackthefun, say. At this moment our site contain 50 or more tools ready to be downloaded and installed. We have hacks for games like: Fast and Furious Legacy, Cooking Fever, Clash of Kings, PES Club Manager, Racing Fever and more others.

Hackthefun was made earlier this year, his scope is to make famous our tools and the hard work which we doing for you, gamers. All hacks are presented very detailed, with articles made by a very good writer. All posts are easy to read and we was claimed one of the best cheats site from Google.

We have certificates for 100% working stuff and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Hackthefun is a simple site, with a pretty nice design which will make you happy. We are some innovative guys which want to make public our effort and all hours which we spent for hackthefun.

Hackthefun using a wordpress platform, very simple and very easy to use by all people. Yes! you need some informations and you need to read something more to be a master of S.E.O. S.E.O is the way which help us become popular in Google. This is a search engine optimization tool which work with key words.

Those key words are the main words which you use when you write for search something in Google, for example: "how to do pizza?" ; "Youtube" ; "top 10 best movies ever" and all main words which you use every time when you search something in Google.

You can leave comments in our comment section, you can contact us, review us, download cheats. Just enter to and enjoy it!

Hackthefun, history of website:

Hackthefun was made earlier this year, how I said in the first part of the article. We worked hard in this time to make us more popular in the world of Internet. We updated every tools, we update our theme, we have the last versions for everything. Hackthefun can be founded on Google if you type that : "hackthefun" or "" or something which contain the words "hackthefun".

We was attacked by a lot of enemies, those guys wanted to destroy us, but hackthefun is still here. We have a lot of troubles along the time, we fought with server hosting because the guys which gave us host for domain tried to make us pay them more money.

But a good programmer from my team, realized what they do. After that we change our hosting to an others guys which are very promptly and helped us with a lot of things. We made a lot of changes to design, buttons and everything. We want to make hackthefun look like he is the best and maybe in one day it will be.

Our history is not short, we worked hard to fix every error and problem which appeared. Now everything works good and we work at optimization because the type of site responding is 1.5 seconds. We want our website to can be load in maximum 0,7 seconds. This thing is very important in our plan.

Our plan is to make hackthefun to be more higher in the rank of Google, if you can access it and download what cheats you need this will help us a lot. Our developers work hard and everyday we upload 2-3 new articles, that means we have 2-3 new hacks everyday. Do not hesitate, visit hackthefun .com right now.

Hackthefun, the team of website:

Our team is composed by 13 guys. We have two writers, three S.E.O masters, one manager and seven developers, programmers, graphic designers. We make everything legit and we just want to be more popular and our work to be recognized in some way. 

We do not do that for money, we do not have adverts or others partnerships with different companies. We are just a team created by some young guys which want to work hard and make what they like, their hobbies and jobs.

Our dream is, in one day, we will be a very recognized team in Google and everywhere. Visit now hackthefun .com, we want your download, your visit is very important too. You can find us at Facebook, all links will be available below.

Help hackthefun team to be popular, help us and we will help you with new hacks, cheats and every king of tools for which game you want. We have a Twitter page too,  tweet us, help us to be somewhere. You can find us on Google+ and Papaly too.